DXF Challenge - Weekly Recap (July 1st - July 8th)

The DXF Challenge is our way to inspire Detroiters to experience the bars, restaurants & cafes on our DXF’s checklists through Instagram! Every time a challenger visits a bar or restaurant, they tag @WeKnowDetroit with a picture of them enjoying something delicious, using the hashtag #DXFChallenge. And you can too!

Here’s our #DXFChallenge weekly recap, featuring some of the latest stops from this week’s top 10 #DXFChallengers!


Kelsey Waugh, @oneloko89, got her day started with a sweet cup of java from Desert Oasis Coffee Roasters!


These colorful, cereal coated waffles from Dime Store looks like a sweet tooth's dream! Great shot, Mary! @msteffes  


At @eatdimestore selfie-ing for @weknowdetroit's #DXFchallenge P.S. @daniblu22 you'd like these waffles!

A photo posted by Mary 👓 (@msteffes) on

This seafood pasta from Roma Cafe looks delicious! @Leticia_bedazzled

@WeKnowDetroit #DXFchallenge visited Roma Cafe 2nite and had the seafood pasta...yummm...Jeff was an awesome server! 😆👍

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Homemade vanilla ice cream with macadamia nuts and dark chocolate chunks? Sweet shot at GoGo's via @brittbogus







A cool brew with a cooler view here at 3Fifty Terrace. Nice shot, @wdavid.morrison!

@weknowdetroit #dxfchallenge

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Sangria & Spanish tapas at La Feria Detroit! Great shot, @twopeasinthe313!

@sonjasteisgmailcom exploring vegan options at @pholucky!





Nice sushi stop for Fishbones in Greektown by @robbyrob313!