DXF Challenge Weekly Recap (Week 7)

The DXF Challenge is our way to inspire Detroiters to spend the summer experiencing the food and drinks at some of the 622 bars, restaurants & cafes on our DXF’s checklists through Instagram! Every time a challenger visits a bar or restaurant, they tag @WeKnowDetroit with a picture of them enjoying something delicious, using the hashtag #DXFChallenge. And you can too!

Here’s our #DXFChallenge weekly recap, featuring some of the latest stops & best moments from this week’s top 10 #DXFChallengers!

Looks like a slice of pizza heaven here at Pizzapapalis!

A cool mule here at Central Kitchen & Bar.

A sweet treat courtesy of City Market Detroit.

@weknowdetroit #DXFchallenge #53 @oneloko89 was there too... #icecreamsandwich

A photo posted by Eric Pfefferle (@epfefferle86) on

This dinner at Katoi looks delicious!

Some authentic Thai cuisine at Orchid Thai.

@WeKnowDetroit #DXFchallenge I tried the Thai almond chicken...yummm

A photo posted by Leticia Bedazzled (@leticia_bedazzled) on

Bar? Restaurant? Art gallery? Try all of the above at Midtown’s Cass Cafe.

I only get Black Label @casscafedetroit @weknowdetroit #dxfchallenge #itsonlikepokemon #detroitobsession #beerme

A photo posted by Kelsey Waugh (@oneloko89) on

Steak tips from Downtown Louie's Lounge.

Correction Downtown Louie's!!! Not bar Louie's. Still great steak tips!!! 😜#dxfchallenge

A photo posted by Chejuana D Stewart (@tastedetroittuesday) on

Another southwest stop at the famous El Asador Steakhouse!

The famous El Asador! @weknowdetroit #dxfchallenge

A photo posted by W David Morrison (@wdavid.morrison) on

Find this popular Thai spot is tucked away in Detroit’s Lafayette Park.

Authentic Thai Food and they can make it really hot if that's your thing! #dxfchallenge @weknowdetroit

A photo posted by Brittany Denlinger (@denlinger475) on

Jalepeno cheddar with Sy Gingsberg Corned beef? Sounds like these bagels pack a real punch!

DXF Challenge - Weekly Recap (July 1st - July 8th)

The DXF Challenge is our way to inspire Detroiters to experience the bars, restaurants & cafes on our DXF’s checklists through Instagram! Every time a challenger visits a bar or restaurant, they tag @WeKnowDetroit with a picture of them enjoying something delicious, using the hashtag #DXFChallenge. And you can too!

Here’s our #DXFChallenge weekly recap, featuring some of the latest stops from this week’s top 10 #DXFChallengers!


Kelsey Waugh, @oneloko89, got her day started with a sweet cup of java from Desert Oasis Coffee Roasters!


These colorful, cereal coated waffles from Dime Store looks like a sweet tooth's dream! Great shot, Mary! @msteffes  


At @eatdimestore selfie-ing for @weknowdetroit's #DXFchallenge P.S. @daniblu22 you'd like these waffles!

A photo posted by Mary 👓 (@msteffes) on

This seafood pasta from Roma Cafe looks delicious! @Leticia_bedazzled

@WeKnowDetroit #DXFchallenge visited Roma Cafe 2nite and had the seafood pasta...yummm...Jeff was an awesome server! 😆👍

A photo posted by Leticia Bedazzled (@leticia_bedazzled) on

Homemade vanilla ice cream with macadamia nuts and dark chocolate chunks? Sweet shot at GoGo's via @brittbogus







A cool brew with a cooler view here at 3Fifty Terrace. Nice shot, @wdavid.morrison!

@weknowdetroit #dxfchallenge

A photo posted by W David Morrison (@wdavid.morrison) on

Sangria & Spanish tapas at La Feria Detroit! Great shot, @twopeasinthe313!

@sonjasteisgmailcom exploring vegan options at @pholucky!





Nice sushi stop for Fishbones in Greektown by @robbyrob313!

2015 DXF Challenge Winner

Why did you want to participate in the DXF Challenge?

The DXF Challenge was perfect for me because it allowed me to track what I was already doing. I love going out for a meal, and checking out all the new restaurants &  bars every week. I’m also a super competitive person by nature.

What are some of your favorite bars & restaurants from the checklist?

New spots that you found on the checklist: Greenwich time, Z- Villa Patio and Volleyball, Cilantro, Corktown Tavern – the staff there was super friendly; it was such a  good find. Love the dive bars  and small businesses.

Any memorable experiences or anecdotes?

Two friends of mine became my #DXFchallenge wingmen. They kept me going and the three of us met so many people through the challenge. [Also they were less familiar with the city so] The DXF Challenge really gave me a chance to introduce them to many new spots and welcome them to the area.

Early on in the challenge, we crossed off almost 20 places in a single day. We went to Grand Trunk  to start for dinner and when the waiter saw the list, he highlighted his favorite spots-- then met up with us after his shift for an impromptu tour.

What’s next on the list?

Top of the Pontch as a last hurrah, and more riverfront area exploration. Andrew’s, They Say, music venues like St. Andrews.

Any challenge tips?

Find wingmen to motivate you and keep you going throughout the challenge, keep it fun! Selfie Tips—I’m not a natural selfie taker, so standing the middle of restaurant taking a was hard...sometimes, you just have to suck up your pride and do it.

Merissa visited 192 locations during the #DXFchallenge and won a night stay at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center with breakfast package, a $50 gift card to Traffic Jam & Snug, and a private bar tour for 8 people from Detroit Experience Factory


Check out our challenge for Dine Drink Detroit from October 1 - 10, share photos from the 27 participating restaurants and you could win gift cards and prizes!

DXF Announces Grand Opening: New Brand, New Welcome Center, New Offerings

Do you think you’ve been to every bar or restaurant downtown?  Join the Detroit Experience Factory’s (DXF) Checklist Challenge and see what you’ve been missing! On June 1st, DXF is bringing back  the Checklist Challenge to inspire you to experience the 303 bars and restaurants on DXF’s Downtown Bars and Restaurants checklist.

“I’m a lifelong Detroiter but there’s a lot of places I’ve never been. This was a great opportunity to explore home.” says Tania Mackey, the grand prize winner of last summer’s checklist challenge. “It’s also been great to learn about so many small businesses that you wouldn’t really know about unless you take the time to explore. And I take my son almost everywhere with me – it can be really kid friendly.” Tania visited 210 bars and restaurants on the checklist during the 90 days of our first DXF challenge. 

The Checklist Challenge is pretty simple: the individual who visits the most places on the checklist between June 1st and September 1st will win the Ultimate Detroit Experience Package valued at over $1,000. There will also be random winners selected for prizes throughout the challenge so even if you visit one place you can be a winner.  Participants will have to post a photo of themselves at the bar or restaurant on Instagram and use the hashtag, #DXFchallenge. For more details and to register visit www.weknowdetroit.org/challenge. 

Detroit Experience Factory took over 12,000 people on tours last year, a 20% increase from the previous year. Many of these tours were customized for private groups, companies and universities. This summer in addition to weekly walking and bus tours of downtown DXF will offer a new and expanded schedule of experiences open to the public. In addition to our existing schedule of public tours, new experiences will include a Discover Windsor Series, Entrepreneurial Opportunities Tour  in partnership with Build Institute, Neighborhood Tours in partnership with Bridge Magazine, Detroit Kids STEM Tours in partnership with the Michigan Science Center, Downtown Art & Architecture Tours in partnership with Pure Detroit, Residential Tours in partnership with Live Detroit and the Detroit Experience Series for Model D’s 10th Anniversary. 
For more information on DXF, to book a tour, or to schedule a customized experience, visit www.weknowdetroit.org, call 313.962.4590 or visit the Detroit Experience Factory Welcome Center, located at 123 Monroe St.

As a subsidiary of the Downtown Detroit Partnership, the Detroit Experience Factory uses interactive experiences and innovative resources to help newcomers and locals alike get more connected to the people, places and projects in Detroit. It operates Detroit’s community based Welcome Center at 123 Monroe and has taken 50,000 people on experiential tours of Detroit since it launched in 2006. 
Downtown Detroit Partnership is a partnership of corporate, civic and philanthropic leaders that supports advocates and develops programs and initiatives designed to create a clean, safe, and inviting Downtown Detroit. More information available at www.downtowndetroit.org.


Taste of Windsor Tour 
When:     May 21, 6pm - 9pm. 
Cost:     $35

Walk Detroit Downtown Tour
When:     May 23, 2pm - 4pm and every Saturday 
Cost:     Free

Riverfront Walking Tour with the Riverfront Conservancy
When:     May 25, 1pm - 2pm and every Monday
Cost:     Free

Downtown Art & Architecture Walking Tour with Pure Detroit
When:    June 3rd, 5pm - 6pm then every Wednesday and June 5th, 12pm - 1pm then every Friday
Cost:     Free

Renting on the Riverfront Tour with LIVE Detroit
When:     June 6, 10am - 1pm
Cost:     $10

Downtown & Beyond Bus Tour
When:     June 6, 11am – 1pm and every First and third Saturdays of the month
Cost:    $20

Experience Detroit: Downtown Rooftop Bar Tour
When:    June 6, 7pm - 10pm and Two Tours per Month on different days
Cost:    $15

Diego and Frida’s Detroit: Bus Tour
When:     June 13th, 10am – 12pm
Cost:    $20 

Cultural Center Walking Tour 
When:     June 13th, 11am - 12pm and every second Saturday
Cost:     $10

Tuesday Tasting Tours with M-1
When:     June 18th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm then every Second Tuesday
Cost:    $15

Jefferson East: Entrepreneurial Opportunities Tour
When:     June 20, 11am – 1pm, 
Cost:     $35 ($25 early bird)

Neighborhood Tour with Bridge Magazine: Milwaukee-Junction
When:     June 27, 11am - 2pm 
Cost:     $30

STEM Detroit Kids Tour with Michigan Science Center
When:     July 11, 10am - 12pm with planetarium show at 1pm
Cost:     $20 for adults $15 for kids

Walk Windsor Tour with Model D
When:    July 12, 1pm - 4pm 
Cost:    $20 

For more details on these and all of our tours, please visit www.weknowdetroit.org/tours .