2015 DXF Summer Interns



Andrew Geller

DXF Marketing Intern

As a Marketing Intern for the Detroit Experience Factory (DXF), I assist with the research and creation of marketing and outreach materials. I also contribute to the DXF blog, coordinate event posting, and offer assistance to social media and marketing projects.

Sophomore, University of Michigan. Economics.

Why Detroit?

The city of Detroit has played a major role in my life since I was born within its borders 19 years ago. Since then, it has played host to some of my greatest childhood memories: baseball, hockey, and football games, the North American International Auto Show, incredible meals, and much, much more. Without Detroit, I could have never become the person that I am today. There’s no other place I’d rather be.



Natika Readous-Price

GDYT Community Outreach Intern (DXF)

As a Community Outreach Intern with the Detroit Experience Factory, I meet and greet guests on arrival at the Welcome Center. I also perform the role of receptionist by answering phone calls, taking messages, and performing other duties as requested.

Freshman, Ferris State University. Pharmacy

Why Detroit?

I chose Detroit because I live in the city and I wanted to learn more about it. Growing up, the news was never short of stories showing the city in a negative light. Working in Detroit gives me the opportunity to see the other side.


Benji Currie

GDYT Community Outreach Intern (DXF)

As a Community Outreach Intern with the Detroit Experience Factory, I’ve served primarily as an ambassador for the organization, motivating guests and encouraging participation in DXF events and activities.

Senior, Henry Ford College

Why Detroit?

Detroit is a beautiful city. Growing up in Detroit, I’ve watched it struggle through its decline and slowly rise from the ashes. I chose to intern in Detroit because I wanted to be a part of the change, growth, and innovation taking place in the Greater Downtown area.



DeAndre McDay

Business Support Intern DXF/M1 Rail

As a Business Support intern at the Detroit Experience Factory, I assist with the nonprofit's overall workload to ensure smoother operations and make sure business needs, customers demands, and key objectives are being met. My work with the M1 Rail group helps increase the visibility of businesses affected by the project's ongoing construction, and encourage locals to make connections with new people, places, and projects in the Greater Downtown Detroit area.

Senior, University of Michigan-Dearborn. Journalism and Screen Studies.

Why Detroit?

I chose Detroit because it’s a city that doesn’t run away from it’s problems. Growing up, Detroit always seemed to be the runt of the litter in comparison to other successful metropolitan areas--we were always bearing the brunt of their jokes.

Now, with the revitalization of the Greater Downtown area, Detroit is relying on its own strength to beat its giants, and when the “outcast” becomes the “cool kid”, I’ll be there to see it!


Hayden McNeil

Challenge Detroit Fellow Intern (DXF)

As a Challenge Detroit Fellow Intern with the Detroit Experience Factory (DXF), I’ve gathered and organized data from past DXF events to determine patterns that may give further insight into market patterns. Additionally, I’ve been researching best practices for the tourism industry in general.

Post grad. University of Kentucky. Graduated, May 2013.

Why Detroit?

Detroit provides an authentic and entrepreneurial environment that is attracting and retaining young talent. Detroit continues to move upward everyday while trailblazing its path back from its unprecedented situation.