Chris - Tour Coordinator

Where to begin? I've spent my entire life with my family in the metro Detroit area, with the exception of one year of songwriting in Nashville, TN, so it's safe to say this area is my home and I love it here! Even through the worst of times, I've always had such an appreciation for the city and the people working hard to keep its spirit alive. A lot of that is in part due to my mother working in Detroit, right down the street from where I am now working, and introducing me to the realities of the hardships within the city along with its beauties.

That aside, I'm also a die hard Detroit City FC fan and social change supporter. I spend much of my time outside of work either volunteering, attending music and educational events and playing video games with my best friends from high school one night a week. Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention my new obsession with the 1980 moped that I recently brought back from the dead. Lastly, I really love what I do, giving and coordinating tours of Detroit to random strangers from all over. It genuinely doesn't feel like work at all!