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Environmental Justice Tour

Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice is the go-to tour guide if you want to see what is happening environmentally in Detroit. For years, we have been designing and conducting bus tours for business, nonprofit, educational and governmental groups, as well as everyday residents. A DWEJ Environmental Justice Tour enables you to witness a variety of sites ranging from waste incinerators and heavy industry to dynamic river parks and redeveloped brownfield sites. See what Detroit is rising up from as well as where the city is headed.

Innovation & Sustainability: Urban Agriculture Tour

Detroit has over 1,400 urban farms and gardens and on this tour we invite you to get a taste of neighborhood revitalization in action through agriculture. We’ll visit Oakland Avenue Farm, the Greening of Detroit Market Garden in Eastern Market and the indoor hydroponic, Artesian Farms as different examples of how urban agriculture is having a positive effect on the Detroit community. We’ll also talk about how Detroit’s land use policies over the decades have shaped the urban farming landscape. By the end of the tour you’ll have an insider’s perspective of how Detroit is defining what a 21st century can look like.

On this Tour we will be visiting:

Artesian Farms

Michigan Urban Farm Initiriative (MUFI)

Oakland Avenue Farm

Ford in Detroit Tour 

Ford Motor Company put Detroit and the world on wheels. This tour will show you that they are still going strong by innovating and focusing on sustainability.  On our way to seeing the F-150 being built at the storied Rouge Plant, we will swing by the Historic Piquette Plant and Ford World Headquarters.

Innovation & Sustainability: Small Businesses, Big Impact

The themes that are shaping Detroit right now are opportunity and innovation.  During this tour you’ll see how those themes are woven throughout the city. We will take you inside Detroit’s most innovative projects where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the people reinventing Detroit. By day’s end you’ll have an insider’s perspective of where Detroit has come from and more importantly where it is going. 

On this Tour we will be visiting:

Green Garage

El Moore

Socratea/71 Garfield