DXF Challenge Weekly Recap (Week 9)

The DXF Challenge is our way to inspire Detroiters to spend the summer experiencing the food and drinks at some of the 622 bars, restaurants & cafes on our DXF’s checklists through Instagram! Every time a challenger visits a bar or restaurant, they tag @WeKnowDetroit with a picture of them enjoying something delicious, using the hashtag #DXFChallenge. And you can too!

Here’s our #DXFChallenge weekly recap, featuring some of the latest stops & best moments from this week’s top 10 #DXFChallengers!

The Lamb Kafta at Byblos Cafe & Grill  looks amazing!

We so Love the Lamb Kafta always a delightful experience. #dxfchallenge @weknowdetroit #bybloscafe @waynestate_eats #lambkafta

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Sunday Brunch at Louie's Ham & Corned Beef in Eastern Market.

Kicking off a Southwest taco crawl at El Veloz Taco.

First Stop on our SW Detroit taco crawl! #dxfchallenge @weknowdetroit

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Pinky's raised here at The Whisky Parlor.

@weknowdetroit #DXFchallenge #WeActuallyWentInside #NoWoodMug

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Nothing like Sugar House cocktails to set the scene.

This bookclub stopped for fresh, vegetarian cuisine at Seva Detroit.

Bookclub! #dxfchallenge @weknowdetroit

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This monstrous ‘Quadruple Patty Burger’ at Great Lakes Burger Bar.

Finally made it! #streetsushi @chubby_duck_detroit @weknowdetroit #dxfchallenge #detroitobsession

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These Rattlesnake Club lamb chops look delicious!

I got the lamb loin chops...perfect!! @WeKnowDetroit #DXFchallenge

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Try the Vegan Blueberry over at Dilla’s Delights.

Blueberry Donuts, yum me favorite #dxfchallenge @weknowdetroit #dillasdelights #blueberrydonut

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