DXF Challenge Weekly Recap (Week 8)

The DXF Challenge is our way to inspire Detroiters to spend the summer experiencing the food and drinks at some of the 622 bars, restaurants & cafes on our DXF’s checklists through Instagram! Every time a challenger visits a bar or restaurant, they tag @WeKnowDetroit with a picture of them enjoying something delicious, using the hashtag #DXFChallenge. And you can too!

Here’s our #DXFChallenge weekly recap, featuring some of the latest stops & best moments from this week’s top 10 #DXFChallengers!

Got bees? Bring cucumbers. Taco night at Mudgie's.  

This brew-lovers enthusiasm is infectious!

@weknowdetroit #dxfchallenge

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Another cool stop at Pappy's Sports Bar & Grill

@weknowdetroit #dxfchallenge

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Beat the summer heat at Detroit Water Ice Factory

Sasha approved *Stop #49* @weknowdetroit #dxfchallenge #cityliving #citydog

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A quick caffeine fix at Roasting Plant.

Gluten-free goodness at Go! Smoothies.

Go smoothie!! Go now!!! Healthy and inexpensive !! #dxfchallenge

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Hummus makes everything better at Byblos Cafe & Grill

@WeKnowDetroit #DXFchallenge I got the mixed shawarma dinner with rice and salad and a side of hummus...yummmm

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Still drawing in the fans at Greektown’s newest burger joint, Wahlburgers

Killer food and craft brews over at Slows Bar BQ