Bites, Brews & Banter - New Citywide Checklist

Just in time for March 13th, also known as 3/13 Day, the Detroit Experience Factory (DXF) Downtown Bar and Restaurant Checklist has hit the magical 313. Yes, that’s right. There are 313 bars and restaurants in greater downtown Detroit. This comes right as DXF is celebrating Ten Years of Tours and ten years of keeping the checklist up-to-date….the first list in 2006 only had 100 places on it!

Though the restaurant scene is booming downtown, there are also great spots, new and old, throughout the city of Detroit. That’s why DXF is excited to announce their brand new Neighborhood Bars & Restaurant Checklist! This list with its 265 places shows that great food and drink can definitely be found outside of the 7.2 square miles of greater downtown.

The list has places that have opened recently to great fanfare like El Asador in Southwest, Good Cakes and Bakes on the Avenue of Fashion and Detroit Vegan Soul Food in West Village but it also includes places that have stood the test of time like Caper’s Steak by the Ounce on Gratiot, Vince’s Italian Restaurant on Springwells or Elias Donuts on Grand River. Bottom line: Whatever you’re looking for you can find it in Detroit.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard locals say, ‘There’s nowhere to go!’ or ‘I’ve been everywhere,’ explains Jeanette Pierce, Executive Director at the Detroit Experience Factory.

“That’s why we started the list in the first place...because we wanted to be able to show folks that there were tons of great small businesses in the city that they should know about.”

Curious about how many you’ve been to? Want to know where all these bars and restaurants are located? Download the checklists and explore the interactive map (courtesy of WDET) below. Oh...and you can always come on a tour!